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As a vertically integrated Fund Manager and Builder, our business model prioritizes investor profits, safeguards capital, and champions a more sustainable future.


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About Us

Welcome to Luxe Living Homes, a premier real estate developer and investment company located in Camas, WA.

Our investment strategy is focused on distressed property owners and assets while integrating green technologies to produce net zero energy buildings, energy efficient housing and energy independence. Our investors' profit is the world's gain.

We are committed to preserving capital and maximizing returns for our investors. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to real estate investing, we offer tailored solutions to meet your unique investment goals. Trust us to guide you towards success in the ever-evolving world of real estate investments.

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Spacious and modern dining room with natural light in a sustainable net-zero energy home, featuring elegant hardwood floors and contemporary design

What We Do

Real Estate Development

We are a premier builder and developer of single-family, multifamily, short-term rentals, affordable housing and land division projects. Each project is a fusion of luxury and sustainability, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our buildings are architectural landmarks that set the standard for modern, eco-conscious living.

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Real Estate Investments

We are a Fund Manager that deploys investor capital into value-add, income and tax-advantaged assets. Our focus on distressed assets means we're adept at uncovering hidden gems and transforming them into profitable investments, providing significant capital preservation, appreciation and cash flow value for our investors.

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Global Impact Investing

Leading the charge in net zero housing, we integrate green technologies to reduce climate impact and enhance energy efficiency. With an additional focus on distressed property owners and affordable housing solutions, we create energy independence to end-consumers while investors receive the benefit of tax credits and other incentives.

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Our Approach

Sustainability & Green Technologies

Our homes are net-zero energy paradigms, designed to reduce carbon footprints, lower utility costs, and promote energy independence through renewable resources. We're revitalizing communities by transforming distressed properties, creating affordable housing, and championing economic sustainability. Our approach to construction embraces net zero technologies including solar, wind and water, and eco-friendly practices from waste management to sustainable sourcing which ensures that every material is chosen with care for the environment.

Distressed Properties & Affordable Living Solutions

Our commitment extends beyond renovation to responsible stewardship. By overhauling and managing affordable housing programs, we ensure that our projects serve not only as profitable investments but as homes that uphold dignity and provide stability for low-income households. Our approach creates a ripple effect of positive change, fostering community development and opening doors to new possibilities for owners and renters alike.

Modern Net Zero Energy Duplex by Luxe Living Homes featuring advanced solar panels and sustainable design in a serene environment.

Don't settle for mediocrity. Choose Luxe Living Homes and embark on a journey of elegance, prosperity, and unparalleled luxury. Elevate your investment portfolio to new heights with the undisputed experts in real estate investment and development. Experience the distinction. Experience the opulence. Experience Luxe Living Homes.

Explore Luxe Living Homes for premier fund investment opportunities in real estate.

Fund Investments

Invest into a diversified portfolio of real estate, spreading risk across multiple projects and asset types. Investors receive a fixed return on their capital in the form of quarterly dividends.

  1. Target Returns – 18% Annually
  2. Distributions - 4.5% Quarterly Dividends
  3. Offering Amount – $10mm
  4. Minimum Investment – $50k
  5. Holding Period – 2 Year Minimum
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Discover Luxe Living Homes' strategic approach to property investment and asset management.

Project Investments

Invest directly into individual real estate projects, allowing for a more targeted investment strategy. Investors receive an ownership percentage and share in the profit pool for potentially higher returns.

  1. Target Returns – 30% Annually
  2. Distributions - Upon Sale or Stabilization
  3. Offering Amount – $50k-$5mm
  4. Minimum Investment – $25k
  5. Holding Period – 1-4 Years 
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