Invest Directly into Specific Projects

At Luxe Living Homes, our project-level investment strategy is meticulously crafted to offer investors both substantial returns and a tangible impact on communities. This strategy is focused on identifying and developing real estate projects that not only align with our mission of sustainability and luxury but also offer significant growth potential. 

Investors become partners and members of individual assets and receive Schedule K-1's as a direct owner of the rather than a Form 1099 via our Preferred Equity Fund. This strategy offers pass-through benefits to the investor including depreciation, capital gains/losses, rental income and more. 

Investing at the project-level offers greater upside for returns with more risk based on a specific approach tailored to the individual project, market, asset class and capital needs, with historical project returns averaging annualized returns in the 26% or greater range based on investors' share of profits.

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Growing investment concept with coin stacks and green sprouts against a model home backdrop, highlighting the growth potential and profitable project investment opportunities at Luxe Living Homes.

Benefits of Direct Investments

1) Targeted Property Selection:

We focus on properties in high-growth areas, particularly those showing signs of urban renewal, untapped potential and distressed properties that can be acquired below market value and transformed through our expertise in development and renovation.

2) Sustainable Development:

Sustainability is at the core of our developments. We integrate eco-friendly materials and technologies to create energy-efficient, net-zero buildings, reducing the environmental footprint while enhancing the property's long-term value.

3) Community Impact and Urban Renewal:

Each project is selected and designed with the community in mind. We seek opportunities to revitalize neighborhoods, improve local amenities, and contribute to the overall well-being of the residents.By transforming underutilized or neglected spaces, we aim to spark economic growth, attract new businesses, and enhance the vibrancy of the area.

4) Financial Structuring for Maximum Returns:

Our financial models are tailored to maximize investor returns. This includes leveraging tax incentives, grants, and other funding sources available for sustainable and community-focused projects.

5) Active Management and Execution:

From acquisition to disposition, each project is actively managed by our experienced team. This ensures adherence to timelines, budgets, and quality standards. Regular updates and transparent communication keep our investors informed and engaged throughout the project lifecycle.

6) Exit Strategies and Return Optimization:

We plan strategic exit strategies for each project, whether it’s a sale at the optimal market time or long-term holding for steady rental income.Our goal is to deliver strong capital appreciation and robust dividend returns, aligning with the investment objectives of our clients.

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Twilight over the bustling cityscape with light trails on the highway, representing the dynamic and fast-paced nature of urban clean energy project investments with Luxe Living Homes.


Architectural rendering of the Northwest 23rd Luxe project, a modern two-story net zero energy home with eco-friendly design and landscaped garden by Luxe Living Homes.

Northwest 23rd Luxe

Luxe Living Homes unveils Northwest 23rd Luxe – a remarkable collection of four net-zero single-family homes in the esteemed city of Camas, Washington. Recognized as one of the Top Neighborhoods in the Portland metro area, these modern luxury residences cater to affluent individuals and families seeking an exclusive suburban lifestyle.

With its top-performing schools, high quality of life, and enhanced security, Camas is an attractive haven for residents moving from densely populated urban centers like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles and home to major tech companies and corporations such as Fisher Investments, HP and Linear.

Northwest 23rd Luxe, already in possession of the asset with an initial investment of $400,000 for development, is set for a Q4 2024 completion. We are committed to sustainability, actively pursuing tax credits, incentives, and subsidies for our net-zero and qualified sustainable homes.

Architectural visualization of Northeast 60th Luxe, showcasing the contemporary energy efficient multi-family residence with stylish wood paneling accents, designed for sustainable urban living by Luxe Living Homes.

Northeast 60th Luxe

Luxe Living Homes presents Northeast 60th Luxe, a cutting-edge 14-unit multifamily development in the vibrant city of Portland. Nestled in a region known for its robust economy, thanks to giants like Nike and Intel, and a burgeoning tech scene, Portland is a city that constantly attracts diverse demographics, from ambitious graduates to serene retirees.

Portland, with its rich tapestry of culinary delights, cultural offerings, and entertainment, is more than a city; it's an experience. As it grows, so does its allure, making the demand for quality housing soar, especially given the Urban Growth Boundary that limits new housing developments in close-in Portland.

With a construction timeline of 12 months and plans for refinancing and stabilized loan options underway, this project is a beacon of modern living. Luxe Living Homes has already invested $1,625,000 to bring this project from acquisition to disposition, promising an unmatched urban lifestyle experience.


Aerial view of the Viewpoint Luxe development site, with marked sections for the future sustainable living community nestled between the urban edge and Forest Park, offered by Luxe Living Homes.

Viewpoint Luxe

Viewpoint Luxe is a rare jewel in Portland real estate - a sprawling 5-acre development in the historic and scenic John’s Landing neighborhood, This project is more than just a development; it's a chance to own a piece of one of the last premium lands so close to the heart of the city.

Boasting breathtaking views of Mount Hood, the Willamette River, and the Portland Cityscape, Viewpoint Luxe offers an unparalleled living experience. The community, thriving with local amenities, nature trails, and riverside paths, combines urban convenience with natural beauty.

Our ambitious 33-lot subdivision features 31 Single Family Residences and 2 Duplexes, each with panoramic views. Model home construction will begin in Q2 2024, with the project aiming for completion by Q4 2026. Land development is anticipated from May to September 2024, followed by vertical construction where home prices range from $1.3mm to $1.8mm.

Scenic view of Detroit's waterfront skyline, near the upcoming Detroit Luxe affordable housing community, featuring 62 homes designed for sustainable living by Luxe Living Homes.

Detroit Luxe

Detroit Luxe by Luxe Living Homes marks a significant foray into the revitalization of Detroit through the remodeling and conversion of 62 single-family homes into Section 8 affordable housing units. This project embodies our commitment to providing sustainable, quality living spaces while driving community impact and financial inclusivity in one of America’s most iconic cities.

Acquiring at significant discounts and remodeling to meet Section 8 standards, opportunities include direct equity contributions or participation via our Preferred Equity Fund with an 18% annual return. Detroit Luxe is a catalyst for positive change, upgrading distressed properties into comfortable, affordable homes, we contribute to the social and economic upliftment of Detroit’s neighborhoods.

Transitioning from its industrial base to a varied economy, this presents a ripe environment for real estate investments. The growing need for quality, affordable housing aligns with our strategic positioning in the market. Join this groundbreaking venture that merges financial acumen with a profound social conscience. Be part of Detroit's renaissance and invest in a project with lucrative returns and a lasting impact on the community.

Dramatic skyline of Pittsburgh under a stormy sky, adjacent to the PittsburghLuxe affordable housing project featuring 26 eco-friendly homes, promoting sustainable urban development by Luxe Living Homes.

Pittsburgh Luxe

Pittsburgh Luxe by Luxe Living Homes LLC represents a strategic and impactful investment opportunity in the heart of Pittsburgh. This project involves the acquisition and transformation of 22 single-family homes into Section 8 affordable housing rentals, aligning with our mission of enhancing living standards and contributing to urban renewal.

Leveraging our expertise in property acquisition and creative deal structuring, these undervalued homes will be extensively remodeled, increasing their value and appeal for the Section 8 market. This project not only aims for financial returns but also addresses the critical need for quality, affordable housing in Pittsburgh.By transforming these properties, we contribute significantly to community development, supporting the city's journey towards economic diversification and urban revitalization.

Investors can benefit from significant tax advantages in the affordable housing market, aligning with Pittsburgh’s initiatives for sustainable development. Pittsburgh Luxe offers a unique blend of profitability and social responsibility, allowing investors to be part of a project that not only brings innovation to real estate but also supports the city's transformational journey.

Architectural rendering of Grand Luxe townhomes, featuring stone accents and gabled roofs, nestled in a lush green setting, exemplifying Luxe Living Homes' commitment to luxurious and nature-integrated living spaces.

Grand Luxe

Introducing Grand Luxe, a sophisticated and exclusive 3-unit multifamily development by Luxe Living Homes, located in the heart of Vancouver, Washington. This project represents a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and modern living, perfectly tailored for those who seek a high-quality lifestyle in one of the Pacific Northwest's fastest-growing cities.

Nestled in the bustling ambiance of Vancouver, Grand Luxe benefits from the city's remarkable growth and dynamic energy. Vancouver is experiencing a surge in demand for high-end living spaces, driven by its proximity to Portland, booming business scene, vibrant downtown waterfront and housing demand.

Grand Luxe is currently in the entitlement phase, with groundbreaking anticipated in Q2-Q3 2024 and completion targeted towards the end of 2024. Each unit in this 3-unit development is designed with an emphasis on luxury, comfort, and style, catering to discerning residents who value quality and elegance. Positioned to offer the best of Vancouver, the development promises a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, with easy access to the city's best amenities and attractions.

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